White ARC

Community & Public Affairs Consulting

Solution Architects For Changemakers, through Strategic Thinking, Resource Development and Relationship Building.

Strategic Counsel • Monitor and Track • Lobby
Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs
Navigating Georgia's political waters through a bi-partisan approach that works for over 20 years.
We're Standing at the crossroads of business and government, plotting the course and steering clients through the government maze.
Identify • Develop • Maintain
Relationship Makers & Resource Acquisition
We create networks and build relationships by bringing business, government, and other stakeholders together to achieve common goals and solve complex problems that enhance communities and services.
Establish • Identify • Focus
Strategic Planning & Execution
We formulate a practice-based approach for public, private, and nonprofit organizational planning.
Define • Plan • Execute • Monitor • Control
Project Management & Program Administration
We methodically define, plan, manage, and track projects that include raising capital, manage media, create annual plans and more with innovative and resourceful solution driven thinking for successful execution.