Domino’s Paving the Way

How many of us have had a gripe with our local government about a pot-hole or two as recently as 10 minutes ago?  Domino’s Pizza has had more than just a few gripes and they’re doing something about it by being a solution fixer. Domino’s is paving its solution through communities without our half pepperoni half mushroom reaching the other side of the pie.  Another great example of public-private partnerships and taking it to a new level. I’ll be ordering from Domino’s next time.

Can Domino’s, Sandy Springs Do It Better?

Marc Hyden

Domino’s Pizza and road construction go together like pizza and pineapple – not at all. As we all know, fruit does not belong on pizza, and Domino’s Pizza does not build roads… right?  Read more

Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels

My first impression after reading the headline that Amazon’s Alexa is about to check into the hotel market was, “wow, what a great idea”. I was hoping to learn how privacy issues will be addressed, but unfortunately that part never came. Buyers & guests beware, you may want to check-out how to delete recordings of these technology assistants if you don’t already.


Don’t Get Caught With Your Hand on that Cell Phone While Driving Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1 if you’re stopped by Officer Friendly for texting and driving, expect two things, a ticket and a point added to your license. Get 15 points in two years and you’re the lucky winner of a 1-year license suspension.  Nothing is more important than arriving safely to your destination. Read the breakdown of what you can and can’t do from the GA Dept. of Driver Services.