Amazon launches an Alexa system for hotels

My first impression after reading the headline that Amazon’s Alexa is about to check into the hotel market was, “wow, what a great idea”. I was hoping to learn how privacy issues will be addressed, but unfortunately that part never came. Buyers & guests beware, you may want to check-out how to delete recordings of these technology assistants if you don’t already.


Don’t Get Caught With Your Hand on that Cell Phone While Driving Beginning July 1

Beginning July 1 if you’re stopped by Officer Friendly for texting and driving, expect two things, a ticket and a point added to your license. Get 15 points in two years and you’re the lucky winner of a 1-year license suspension.  Nothing is more important than arriving safely to your destination. Read the breakdown of what you can and can’t do from the GA Dept. of Driver Services.


A Moving Tribute to Zell Plus A Few Life Lessons

Greg Bluestein and Jill Vejnoska of the AJC write about yesterday’s moving memorial service for former Gov. Zell Miller.  Included at the end of the story is part of Bryan Miller’s tribute to his grandfather where he shares portions of a personal letter Gov. Miller wrote to Bryan and other loved ones’ years ago.  Thank you Bryan for sharing. Lessons from Miller is a great reminder for what’s important and how we interact with others,  at least for me anyway. 

  1.  Do not be afraid to fail while going after something you really want. You will always learn   from it. Never give up. Persistence will overcome everything else. I guarantee it.

  2.  If you listen more than you talk, you will not only learn more, but people will think you are smarter, not dumber, than you really are.

  3. For every action there is a consequence – always. It can be a good consequence or a bad one, but it will come just as sure as night follows the day.

  4. Use frequently but sincerely the words “I’m sorry,” “thank you” and “I love you.”

  5. Being on time will be noted and will impress people. Being late is a very rude thing to do. It says to the other people, “my time is more important than your time.” A person who is always late is a selfish person. Mark it down.

  6. Being mentally tough will help you more in life than being physically tough.

  7. Whiners are terrible people to be around. Don’t be one. Ask yourself from time to time, “Am I whining too much?” Blaming others for your own misfortune is the same thing and just as bad.

  8. Notice and appreciate what makes your heart leap up. If nothing does, examine your life because something is missing.

  9. Search for your niche. This may take years, although often it occurs early in life. There is something out there that you can do better or easier than other people. You have a knack or talent for it. Find it. It’s there. And when you do, others will beat a path to your door to get you to do it for them. It may bring fame, fortune or happiness. Keep in mind that there are also things you just simply cannot do very well, but there are others who can. If you’re lucky, you will marry them.

  10. From time to time, make yourself do something you don’t really want to do. It will make you stronger.

  11. Smoking will shorten your life. I’ve seen too many loved ones die because of it.

  12. Family and home are important. One should know where he came from and who suffered or sacrificed to get us where we are. Having a sense of family and having a sense of place is going to be increasingly hard in this modern, fast-moving, ever-changing world. But if you do, it will bring you comfort and stability.

  13. Those who teach lessons are not smart or know everything. They’ve just lived a long time.

  14. Keep a good sense of humor, and laugh at yourself more than you do others.