What Others Say

What Others Say


“Ann knows the players and the process at the Georgia Legislature, she interacts well and professionally with elected officials, and she understands the chaotic nature of lawmaking in this state. Ann is honest and forthright, and works as hard as anyone I’ve ever worked around. She has endless energy and knows that in fundraising and advocacy work, that often means long, long hours at any day or time of the week. She never complains – she just gets the job done.” – Dean, Mercer University School of Law, Cathy Cox

“Thanks to Ann, we have a YMCA action agenda of building healthy families, and she proactively seeks partners and promotes the YMCA as a resource throughout the state and the Capitol. Ann is a great advocate for our organization and I recommend her as a consultant to other nonprofits in Georgia.” – Kristen Obaranec, Communications Director, YMCA of Metropolitan Atlanta

“Ann Rosenthal did what some others attempted but were unable to accomplish — she got Northlake to join the Tucker CID. I can tell you, that the manner in which she organized and drove this effort was more strategic and more “politic” than some other men and women who salivated over Northlake but who failed in the startup.  And as you watch big changes happen in Northlake and Tucker over the next five years, know that it is this woman who is at the helm.” – Kimberly Krautter, Managing Partner, 13th Generation

“You are so good at making things happen.” Debra Furtado, CEO, Senior Connections

“Just a quick thank you for all you do. I have worked with many lobbyists in my career, and you are one of the few who goes the extra mile to keep folks informed. ” – Peter Doliber, CEO, West Broad Street YMCA, Savannah

“Ann –

I just wanted to drop a note and thank you for the CID info again.  I did my presentation last week for about 50 tax commissioners across the state, and it went over very well.  My boss was pleased.  I stole a few slides from you for why people would want to have one – and I used the pictures from the area to show what a CID can do.

I really appreciate it – Thanks again!


Sheri Boritz
Director, Property Tax Division, DeKalb County Tax Commissioner

“Ann was proactive and diligent from the beginning in working with me on how to ask existing and new donors for money. Thanks to Ann and her positive energy, we were successful in meeting our goals.” – Jason Rooks, former Georgia Conservation Voters Executive Director